San Francisco’s Epidemic of Car Burglary

San Francisco has experienced a wave of property crimes in the past few years. This data visualization story uses the San Francisco Police Department crime incidents report data from 2003 to 2014, comparing burglary from vehicles to all other property crimes — defined as arson, burglary, larceny/theft, and vehicle theft. Overall, the city's car burglary crime incidents have risen roughly in proportion to other property crimes. But in some neighborhoods, it’s a different story.

San Francisco Car Burglary vs Other Property Crimes

City Car Burglary Maps

This density map gives a detailed picture of where car break-ins happened in 2014.

And here are the 2014 numbers by neighborhood. Larger bubbles and darker blues show neighborhoods with more car burglaries.

South of Market

In 2014, the South of Market Street neighborhood had the highest number of car burglaries among San Francisco’s 37 neighborhoods. In SOMA, both car burglary and other property crimes have surged since 2011. But car burglary has been increasing much more quickly.

This animation shows where those car burglaries happened in 2014.

Western Addition

There are fewer car burglaries in Western Addition than SOMA, but this neighborhood stands out because car burglaries now account for half of all property crimes.

Downtown-Civic Center

Downtown-Civic Center is a high crime area, but here car burglaries are running at less than half the rate of other property crimes.

Noe Valley

Still, in some neighborhoods, such as Noe Valley, car burglary rates are low, and have not increased.

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